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helicopter landing on a patch of green grass with trees in background

Remote Locations and Hostile Environments Case Study

A TV documentary crew wanted to become the first team to bring cars to the northernmost point in the world. We were tasked with helping them fulfil this mission.

Dog sleds are usually used to reach this northernmost point in the world, however a TV documentary crew approached us with the objective of becoming the first team to ever take cars to the pole.

We used our technical expertise to get the planes to Resolute Bay Airport where the cargo was being flown to. Due to the airport’s short runway and limited handling equipment, we sourced a Hercules aircraft. Its ability to land on a shorter landing strip made it ideal for the task while its rear-loading capabilities allowed vehicles to be driven on and off without the need for offloading equipment. We then faced the additional challenge of getting customs clearance for the freight, which is where the team’s account manager’s experience in the market, global reach and local knowledge of airlines in North America came in to play.

Using these skills, he successfully sourced permits to find the best airline for the job, enabling the team to complete their expedition and reach the magnetic pole in their cars.

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