Trying to find the best private jet on the market is hard. To help clear up some of the confusion, we take a look at some of the most popular private jets in the world.

What are the world's most popular private jets?

With every aerospace manufacturer claiming to produce the finest aircraft, it can be hard to identify the best private jet on the market, especially when you take your personal preferences and itinerary into account.

To help clear up some of the confusion, we take a look at some of the world’s most popular private jets to charter and purchase across the aircraft classes and explore what makes them so sought-after.

Single-engine turboprops

According to Business Jet Traveller’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Survey, 61% of private jet users looking for a single-engine turboprop would choose a Pilatus PC-12

This versatile aircraft is prized for its 1,800-nautical-mile range, spacious cabin and comparatively low operating costs (30-60% less than rival twin-engined jets and turboprops).

In its standard configuration, the PC-12 has space for two crew members and up to nine passengers if the belted lavatory is utilised as a passenger seat. A high-lift wing allows for exceptional short-field takeoff and landing performance, while the plane’s landing gear can operate on grass, gravel, dirt and paved runways. The PC-12 is even certified to fly into known icy conditions.

Other popular aircraft in this class include the Cessna Caravan, Daher-Socata TBM 900 and Piper M600. Contact one of our specialists today to charter any of these aircraft.

Twin turboprops

Beechcraft’s King Air aircraft are among the most popular twin turboprops, with the King Air 200 being one of the manufacturer’s most famous models. This twin-engined turboprop features a similar fuselage as the preceding King Air 100, with a host of modifications including a new T-tail.

The King Air 200 is generally more economical than larger private jets and boasts an impressive maximum range of over 1000 nautical miles. Depending on the configuration, its state-of-the-art cabin accommodates six or seven passengers and is one of the largest in its class, making it a great choice for both leisure and private business travel. 

Corporate travellers should also consider the King Air 350 and 350i, which feature built-in hideaway executive work tables, electric outlets at every seat and LED reading and table lights. With the ability to fly up to 1800 nautical miles non-stop (depending on variables), both aircraft provide optimal performance for a turboprop.

For more leading twin turboprops, check out the Piaggio P.180 Avanti and Nextant G90XT. To charter any of these aircraft, contact one of our specialists today.

Very light jets

Embraer’s Phenom 100 is one of the Brazilian manufacturer’s most successful private jets. The intelligently designed and compact aircraft comfortably seats four passengers, with an optional side-facing seat and belted toilet allowing six passengers.

The aircraft’s sleek interior boasts the largest windows in its category, a rear private lavatory and a surprisingly large baggage hold, as well as space to store coats and laptops. With a range of 1,178 nautical miles, the Phenom 100 can easily complete journeys such as New York to Miami, São Paulo to Buenos Aires and London to Ibiza.

One of the most popular private jets to charter in this class is the Cessna Citation Mustang. Known as an ‘air taxi’ because of its four-seat cabin’s resemblance to a London black cab, the Mustang’s range rivals much larger jets and it’s renowned as one of the most cost-effective options for small parties travelling around the continent. The aircraft also provides ample storage for luggage and leisure equipment, such as golf clubs or skis. 

Alternative very light jets include the Cirrus Vision SF50, Honda Aircraft HondaJet and Eclipse 550. Contact us today to learn more about chartering one of these private jets.

Light jets

Another Embraer aircraft to top the list is the Phenom 300, which Business Jet Traveller readers named their most popular light jet in 2021. It’s also one of our most popular private jets to charter in the UK

This twin-engined aircraft has space for eight people with the addition of two adjoining seats at the front of the six-seat cabin, or nine if the lavatory is used as a seat. The aircraft is able to fly for up to four hours depending on variables like weather and weight and complete flights like London to Reykjavik or Milan. In February 2022, the series became the world’s bestselling light jet for the 10th consecutive year and the most delivered twinjet of 2021, according to numbers released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

The Phenom 300’s spacious and high-ceilinged interior is designed for comfort and entertainment. The leather chairs can fully recline, swivel, move forward and back, and control cabin temperature (VIP chair only). The entertainment system includes a 10.4 inch TV with a CD and DVD player, high-speed in-flight internet access, a satellite phone system, and wireless headphones. The cabinets to the front of the cabin contain a coffee maker, drinks cabinet, and ice drawer.

More popular aircraft in this category include the Cessna Citation CJ4, Pilatus PC-24, Bombardier Learjet 70/75 and Hawker 400Contact our specialists to charter a light jet.

Midsize jets

Cessna is a front-runner in this category – its Citation Excel is one of the world’s best-selling jets, while the Citation Latitude’s popularity has soared in recent years. 

Released in 2015, the latter seats eight passengers in a spacious cabin and boasts a maximum range of about 2,850 nautical miles. One of the reasons for the aircraft’s rise to the top is its outstanding interior comfort levels, with contemporary furnishings like carpet, leather and chrome-plated aluminium panels found throughout. The aircraft combines this with class-leading performance and comparatively low operating costs. 

For owners, the interior cabin is incredibly customisable, with interior trims like Bisque, Black Edition, Carnegie, French Roast, Hyde Park, and Silver Frost all available upon purchase. The baggage hold is significantly larger than competitors like the Hawker 900XP, with space for around 14 suitcases.

Another popular midsize jet is the Hawker 850XP, which can complete long-distance journeys such as New York to LA and Singapore to Beijing.

Other leading midsize jets include the modern Embraer Praetor 500 and Gulfstream G150. To charter one of these private aircraft, contact one of our team.

Super midsize jets

Bombardier’s Challenger 300 and upgraded 350 are amongst the most popular charter jets across all classes. Fully equipped with more baseline features and premium enhancements than the competition, the versatile Challenger 350 can carry 10 passengers for up to 3,199 nautical miles at Mach 0.8.

Inside, the quiet and luxuriously appointed cabin features a modern onboard management system, which allows travellers to easily switch from flight information to entertainment options like music, films and video conferencing.

Rivalling the Challenger 300 in this class is Embraer’s Praetor 600. Announced alongside the Praetor 500 in 2018 as an upgrade over the Legacy 500, the Praetor 600 is one of the most technologically advanced super-midsize jets on the market. The aircraft’s comfortable and quiet cabin provides the ideal atmosphere for relaxing, working and organising business meetings.

Alternative private jets in this category include the Cessna Citation Longitude and the Gulfstream G280. An upgrade to the already successful G200, the G280 features an increased cabin length, new Honeywell engines and a new T-tail.

Call one of our team now to learn more about chartering a super-midsize jet.

Heavy Jets

A long-range version of the Legacy 600, Embraer’s Legacy 650 is renowned for its spacious 13-passenger cabin, long-range and large baggage hold. The aircraft’s maximum range is approximately 3900 nautical miles. While this is reduced when flying with a full payload, the aircraft is capable of non-stop flights from London to New York, Paris to Dubai, and Sydney to Singapore. 

The baggage hold is one of the largest in its class, accommodating approximately 20 suitcases. With three distinct zones in its cabin, these qualities make the aircraft ideal for large groups, like bands, who require lots of cargo and space.

Another popular private jet to charter in the heavy jet class is the Dassault Falcon 900B. Part of the successful 900 series, which includes the 900EX, 900DX and 900LX, the 900B is renowned for its winning combination of a spacious cabin, great short-runway performance and long-distance capabilities. The cabin is typically laid out to accommodate 14 passengers across three zones that feature double-club seating, a three-person divan and a full-size private lavatory and galley.

Two seats can be reclined and combined to make a full-length bed, while the rest are fully adjustable and can move along a track, swivel and recline. Some configurations feature up to three divans, with two facing each other in the same section.

Bombardier’s Global 5000 is also a leader in this class and is known as one of the world’s quietest and most spacious heavy jets. Able to handle shorter runways and steep approaches, this versatile jet is an attractive choice for customers who don’t regularly need the range of a Bombardier Express. The aircraft’s maximum range, however, is still mightily impressive. Since Bombardier introduced a modification to the refuelling system in 2007, the Global 5000 can fly for approximately 4,800 nautical miles (8890 km), meaning it can complete trans-Atlantic flights with ease.

Other popular private jets in this class include the Gulfstream G450 and G350, and Bombardier’s Challenger  605.

Ultra-long-range heavy jets

Gulfstream Aerospace claims the G650 and G650ER “set the standard for performance in business aviation” and these ultra-modern jets do indeed offer speed and range combinations that few competitors can match. The G650ER can cover 7,500 nautical miles at Mach 0.85, while its refined interior comprises up to four living areas for work, dining, entertaining and relaxation. 

The Gulfstream G500 is also seen by many as the epitome of ultra-modern long-range private aviation. Ideal for transatlantic flights thanks to its 5,300-nautical-mile range and a top speed of Mach 0.90, the groundbreaking business jet combines high performance with revolutionary technology.

Other leading private jets in this class include Bombardier’s Global 7500 and Global Express XRS. Rebranded in 2011 as the Global 6000, the purpose-built Express XRS is one of the manufacturer’s best-performing business jets thanks to its excellent short-field capabilities and plush cabin. With up to 12 hours of flight time, it can connect North and South America, Australia with the Middle East and Europe with Southeast Asia.

For more popular jets in this category, check out the Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X. Call one of our specialists to learn more about chartering an ultra-long-range heavy jet today.

Business jets

The incredibly exclusive business jet category (also known as bizjet) is dominated by Boeing and Airbus with their BBJ and ACJ ranges. According to Business Jet Traveller, Boeing trumps Airbus in terms of popularity, possibly due to the fact that its 787 is the world’s longest-range executive jet.

This market share could increase further in 2024 with the much-anticipated release of the 777X, which can travel an incredible 11,645 nautical miles – almost 2,000 further than the 787 and 4,000 further than the next-closest competitor, Bombardier’s Global 8000.

One of Airbus’ most popular aircraft in this class is the A319 CJ, which typically holds 19 passengers but can be configured for up to 48. The corporate jet’s cabin is generally divided into VIP quarters with a bedroom, office and bathroom with stand-up shower, plus a high-density seating area. The A318 Elite is a smaller, shorter-range, lower-cost alternative.

To enquire about chartering a business jet, call one of our specialists.


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