Private jet charter to Japan

Whether it’s the sprawling metropolitan cities, the ancient pagodas and temples, towering Mount Fuji or simply the outstanding cuisine, Japan is a country that delights time and time again. One visit cannot truly encapsulate all that is it, charter a private jet to Japan and visit these eclectic shores to experience another side of this ancient country.

Cities such as Tokyo dazzle in a blur of neon lights and sleek structures. Tokyo itself is the largest city in Japan and is the seat of both the Emperor of Japan as well as the Japanese government. It’s also one of the brightest and boldest cities in the world, with its restaurants being awarded more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, and its fashion lauded from east to west. You’ll also find plenty of wonderful museums, mega-malls and great nightlife. We also recommend trying to visit the Harujuku area for people watching, watching a sumo tournament, hitting up one of the vibrant karaoke bars and taking a ride on the iconic bullet train.

Culture and tradition are in abundance, even in the cities. Kyoto is home to one of the most renowned zen rock gardens as well as some beautiful examples of classic Japanese architectures, such as the Simogamo Shrine and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Kyoto is also the ideal place to spot Geisha, or as they are known in Kyoto, Geiko. Kyoto is one of the few places with an active Geiko community, and though sightings are relatively rare and usually quite brief, you could get lucky. There are also plenty of traditional ryokans scattered across the country, and a stay in one of these is a must. These are traditional guest houses where you’ll need to follow Japanese conventions, removing shoes, sleeping on futons on the floor and enjoying traditional Japanese food.

Outside the cities you’ll find plenty to smile about, it’s a completely different way of life away from the neon glow. Here you’ll find rolling hills, vibrant rice fields, towering mountains, lush forests and deserted beaches. There are plenty of hiking trails and hidden surprises can be found along many of them. It’s also a great place to explore on two wheels, especially as you can probably find a hot spring or baths to hop into when you get back to relieve any aching muscles and recount stories of the landscapes you saw. If you fancy something a little more exciting, white water rafting is available at certain times of the year, or you could try hiking up Mount Fuji or diving off Zamani island. Japan is also well known for its cherry blossoms, and whilst you can find them in the cities as well, there are also plenty away from these bustling city streets.

As previously said, Japan is home to more Michelin stars than anywhere else on the planet, and for good reason. Its cuisine is also UNESCO classed, with only French cuisine being honoured the same way. Whether you’re looking for sushi, ramen or any other quintessentially Japanese dishes well known across the world, you should also try out some of their lesser known, but equally delicious favourites such as octopus balls, unagi and yakitori. You should also sample some sake, a Japanese rice wine and the national beverage, be warned though, it is quite strong.

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